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With the deepening of the structural reform in China, further deepening of the environmental rectification, the main raw material silicon steel sheet, electrolytic copper, castings, round steel and other prices soared, coupled with labor costs, manufacturing costs, transportation costs continued to rise, led to Mechanical and electrical products manufacturing negative profit phenomenon is serious, industrial motor enterprises have received a number of enterprises after the mediation or finally could not carry, and the country’s major industrial motor manufacturers again raised the price of 10-12 points, hope this The last resort price increase will not cause too much impact on the motor downstream customer units.
In addition to the mechanical and electrical industry, from the beginning of November last year, with the deepening of environmental remediation work, deep processing, casting, the motor industry, many companies are due to environmental problems ahead of the cut-off, after years of work is also more difficult, coupled with last year the country on the steel industry Rectification, because the production capacity caused by the surge in prices, from the end of last year to May, steel prices rose 60%, steel prices have remained high, resulting in the price of motor products.
Since September 2016, the ex-factory price of industrial products soared, swept the country’s price tide officially opened. 2016 at the end of the period of substantial price increases in raw materials, but also increased the pressure on the motor manufacturers, especially for silicon steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, rare earth and other raw materials for the production of the motor industry can not be ignored, The cost of the motor is affected by the material price of about 5%. Coupled with transportation costs, manpower cost boost, the cost of motor¬† growth rate will be more obvious.
With the mechanical and electrical and raw materials continued to rise, the mechanical and electrical industry will face difficulties in upgrading technology, funding shortages, re-shuffle and a series of chain reaction, I hope the country in the management of environmental protection, but also better consider the development of manufacturing, The development of manufacturing industry to develop a better way out