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Petrochemical Industry Demand For Ball Valves

China’s valve industry with the petrochemical and other occupations continue to carry forward and forward, nearly a decade, the domestic policy and the economic situation for the better, for the valve industry to provide favorable conditions for the rise of its space is also very infinite. At present, the domestic petrochemical and other types of equipment equipment to replace the cycle and the amount of new equipment, most of the professional needs of the valve, it is estimated that in the next few years the valve industry will still have a greater improvement.

Valve mall demand is expanding

At present, China’s petrochemical industry is moving in the direction of large-scale, planning and internationalization, the next five years will continue to adhere to sustainable development. Domestic dozens of sets of 10 million tons of oil refining equipment and millions of tons of ethylene equipment will be new and expansion of the petrochemical valve for the needs of the expansion of a wide range of shopping malls. In addition, the current domestic refinery operation of various types of pumps are now aging, urgent need to update and transformation.

The next five years, China Petrochemical valve will be the main demand, especially high temperature and high pressure valves, cryogenic valves and ultra-low temperature valves, corrosion-resistant stainless steel valves, transport viscous media and solid particles with stainless steel ball valve production technology will be fast, Big ups and downs.

China’s apparent spending has now reached the world’s highest level close to the global total cost of 1/4, per capita consumption of stainless steel to 3.4KG, leapt to the forefront of developing countries. Stainless steel valves with corrosion-resistant, high strength, simple, long life and other excellent features. These years, stainless steel valves in the shipbuilding, trajectory vehicles and other transport industry has been widely used, with the machinery manufacturing industry, stainless steel valves will have a wider application prospects. But the gradual growth rate of spending growth, by spending an average annual growth rate of more than 30% of the ultra-high-speed development stage, the current growth rate of 6.43% of the steady development stage. Petrochemical industry

In terms of quotations, these years, the price of the valve store is relatively stable, although slightly higher every year, but the ups and downs are very small, shopping prospects are still worth watching. In terms of planning, according to the National Computing Bureau in 2009 to calculate the data show that the Chinese valve manufacturing planning more than 1,700 companies, the production of nearly 400 million tons of valves.

Complete sets, standardization is to carry out the trend

With the social industry forward, petrochemical and other industries on the valve and other commodities demand also appeared in a professional China, standardization, large-scale, complete trend, together with the energy demand is also getting higher and higher. The valve will also be due to the integration of electromechanical valve ushered in a new opportunity and turnaround, shopping malls on the demand for electromechanical valves began to increase, the mall is still a potential space for development, but together with the quality of goods and the higher demand The. Valve professional goods into a period of innovation, not only the demand for goods category replacement, and internal management needs also based on professional standards to deepen the reform. Valve industry to carry out a long time more stable, but there are still non-standard competition in the industry, such as some operators through the waste valve innovation, after the first paint from the second sale, to the quality of the project to bring serious security risks, Chaotic valve store order.

But the trust with the mall gradually carry out sophisticated, decree to carry out a sound, the future of the valve industry to face the competition environment will become more sophisticated. And because the industry more and more professional demand for goods and the whole society to enhance energy conservation awareness, the valve industry will be carried out in two directions, one from a single category to multi-category and multi-standard development, the second is to move towards energy-saving direction. So the future, the valve career will be toward the two major owners of this resolution on a valve manufacturers all the supply trend will be more and more.