With the deepening of the structural reform in China, further deepening of the environmental rectification, the main raw material silicon steel sheet, electrolytic copper, castings, round steel and other prices soared, coupled with labor costs, manufacturing costs, transportation costs continued to rise, led to Mechanical and electrical products manufacturing negative profit phenomenon is serious, industrial motor enterprises have received a number of enterprises after the mediation or finally could not carry, and the country's major industrial motor manufacturers again raised…


China's valve industry with the petrochemical and other occupations continue to carry forward and forward, nearly a decade, the domestic policy and the economic situation for the better, for the valve industry to provide favorable conditions for the rise of its space is also very infinite. At present, the domestic petrochemical and other types of equipment equipment to replace the cycle and the amount of new equipment, most of the professional needs of the valve, it is estimated that in…

Ball Valve Main Market
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Oil and gas industry In North America and some developed countries, there are many proposed projects, the expansion of oil projects, in addition, because people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the state established environmental regulations, so many years ago to establish the refinery must be re-transformation, so in the next few Year, investment in oil development and refining of funds will also maintain the momentum of growth. China's long-distance pipeline of oil and natural gas pipeline construction…

Ceramic ball valve to solve the FGD conditions exist high corrosion, high solid content wear two major problems. Due to the high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and good corrosion resistance of advanced ceramic materials, it can greatly improve the corrosion resistance, abrasion and erosion of the valve, and the high temperature performance, greatly prolong the service life of the valve, Thus extending the work cycle, improve work efficiency, saving maintenance costs. In the limestone slurry, gypsum slurry wastewater…