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Pipe Fittings

A strong and safe pipe system will ensure trouble-free days. Property destruction is your best option to correct your pipe fitting issues. The good thing is that all of these things can be avoided. You only have to work with a reliable company. But searching the best provider will still be burdensome. This is why BR Stainless has been established to serve you. Serving the industry for years, we are reputed for having the trusted brand. All our products are of high quality, ensuring a worthwhile investment in no time.

Wide Range of Products

  • Quick Coupling

With our years of service, we have been recognized as the topnotch manufacturer of quick couplings. We make them relevant and responsive to the safety and convenience of all our valuable clients. But how are we able to offer excellent and quick coupling? Because of our state of the art facility, we manufacture our products in a way that pass the industry standards and requirements. We innovative equipment to meet the needs of our diverse clients.

  • Threaded Fittings

For the application in drinking water or heating systems, you came to the right place. At BR Stainless, we have threaded fittings that are perfect for the application in the field of heating and water installations. Our wide array of options increases your chance to reach maximum sanitary and optimal heating.

Unlike our competitors out there, our threaded fittings are made of thermally unstressed brass, which is applicable for drinking water. Plus, the material also meets the legal requirements in the country.

  • Pipe Fittings

Known as a one-stop company, BR Stainless also offers pipe fittings for fire-fighting, gas, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and process industries. Our high quality and competitive price convey safe water, steam, petro-chemicals, industrial gases, and compressed air at an extreme temperature and high pressure. We likewise manufacture or even supply those who seek environmental benefits.

  • Pipe Nipple

Along with our products are pipe nipples. Whether you need close nipple, hexagonal nipple, reducing nipple, hose nipple, welding nipple, or long hex nipple, BR Stainless is the best company you can ever have. Our products are available in different sizes and dimensions. Each of our pipe nipples is prudently structured by talented professionals, giving you peace of mind.

Having a pool of versatile workforce, our pipe nipples stand out from others. Our solutions have high strength, sturdy construction, and smooth performance. They can also be used in different industries, making them a flexible option. They are durable that can last a decade or even more. Plus, they are available at a reasonable price you can afford.

Apart from being an enterprise that manufactures quick coupling and thread fitting, we offer ball valves, strainers, and check valves. We specialize in innovative fittings research, design, technical exchanges, manufacturing sales, and import trade in international business entities.

BR Stainless is situated in the Cangzhou National Economic and Technological Development Zone. Our construction is large enough to accommodate the high demand and needs in different sectors. Compared to others, we are a few miles away when it comes to domestic production equipment, test center, and valve inspection system.

Whether you have something to inquire or verify, feel free to give us a call at (+86) 15383079307 or (+86) 0317 551888. Or you can send us a message at [email protected] and [email protected] any time of the day! Our people are very much ready and willing to help you. They are well-trained to handle your situation. So, take action as soon as possible and realize how we are far different from the competition. We have the unmatched commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction and excellence! Be one our valuable clients today and see what we’ve got!